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Experience and quality from Lapland

Based in the Finnish Lapland, PolarHouse specialises in energy-efficient thermal log construction. During our more than 20 years of history, we have developed the Thermal Log construction method, which is ideally suited to the varying weather conditions of the Nordic region.
The PolarHouse thermal log house is a modern, warm and energy-saving structure. We use specially graded log panels to create a modern log house feel that will stand the test of time. 
In order to achieve the excellent thermal performance of a PolarHouse log house (U-value 0.17), the thickness of the logs should be as much as 60 cm.
Our elements, which are manufactured indoors in dry conditions, can be erected quickly on site, sheltered from the weather. PolarHouse is an experienced, reliable and stable partner for your building project.

Why choose PolarHouse as your partner

Excellent thermal insulation

The PolarHouse thermal log house offers excellent thermal insulation. To achieve the excellent thermal performance (U-value 0.17) of a solid log house, the thickness of the logs should be as much as 60 cm.

High degree of readiness

The exterior walls and end triangles of the house are manufactured in the factory as large elements, which speeds up the installation process. Windows and interior cladding are pre-fitted to the prefabricated elements.

Pre-primed exterior cladding

The log panels are primed at the factory in the colour of the customer's choice, ensuring a beautiful outcome. Hand-painting ensures a high quality finish and better wood protection.

No visible nail stocks

 In PolarHouse, the cladding is attached to the elements with a hidden nail, which prevents the nail heads from showing and darkening over time.

Fast construction

Factory-made wall and end-truss elements are installed quickly, reducing construction time and protecting the house from the weather conditions.

Heat shield

The windscreen prevents wind from reaching the PolarHouse thermal log walls, ensuring a draught-free and constant temperature inside the house. The vertical frame prevents the PolarHouse thermal log walls from sagging, allowing for large windows.

Ecological house

A PolarHouse log house is an environmentally friendly choice, as the wooden structures act as a carbon bank. The wall elements of the house are fitted with breathable wood fibre insulation in the factory.

A unique home

PolarHouse log homes – including their layout and appearance – are designed according to the customer's wishes.

Guarantee and safety

PolarHouse offers a 10-year construction guarantee. The wall elements are manufactured in a modern factory to demanding quality standards.

Breathable wood fibre insulation as standard

Hunton Nativo thermal wood fibre insulation is made from wood, a renewable natural raw material. What’s better, it’s made of wood chips left over from the Nordic spruce sawmilling process. The result is an insulation board with an excellent thermal stability and a unique thermal storage capacity.
Wood fibre also absorbs more carbon during its lifetime than the carbon dioxide produced in its manufacturing process.


A five-star mineral wool as an alternative

You can also choose Isover KL33 mineral wool (Lambda=0.033 W/m²K) for the construction of your PolarHouse. With over 10% better thermal insulation than an ordinary mineral wool, you can be sure your house is well insulated.
The product is made of inorganic and chemically neutral material. It is non-decomposing, odourless and does not provide a breeding-ground for moulds. The product meets the M1 emission class for building materials.

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Insulation performance in a class of its own  

The insulation performance of the thermal log clearly meets the demanding standards for timber frame construction. The U-value, which measures the heat loss of the structure, is up to three times better than that of thicker solid wood. In addition, a windbreak protects the house from the cooling effect of the wind. Unlike other structures, the National Building Code of Finland-compliant exterior wall structure has a horizontal insulation on the outside of the frame, providing an effective cold barrier.

We build your dreams

For us, every completed home, cottage or villa is someone's dream. As the builder of these dreams, we want to grow and develop to be the leading player in Northern Europe. Let's talk more about your dream.


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