Privacy Policy

In this Privacy Statement of PolarHouse Oy and its affiliated companies (hereinafter referred to as "PolarHouse"), we explain how we are committed to respecting and safeguarding the privacy of our customers. We understand that privacy protection is important to our customers.
In this Privacy Statement, we:

  • Describe how we collect, use, and protect your personal information.
  • Outline how we safeguard and respect your privacy.
  • Help you understand how your personal information is collected and used, as well as your rights.


We adhere to Finnish legislation, regulatory requirements, and guidelines in the processing of your personal information.

This Privacy Statement applies when you use our products and services or visit our websites. It does not apply to services or websites provided by other companies, even if access to these services is through PolarHouse's network or services.

1. Definitions

In this Privacy Statement, the following terms are used as follows:

  • Customer: Refers to individuals who are registered on the website or who are subscribers, purchasers, or users of our Services and products.
  • Personal Data: Information that can be directly or indirectly linked to you as an individual. The types of personal data we process are described further in this Privacy Statement.
  • Services: Encompasses all products and services offered by PolarHouse.
  • Transmission Data: Refers to information processed for the purpose of transmitting messages or data. Data generated during the use of our Services may include, for example, the start and end times of communications, information about the parties involved in the communication, information about the terminal device, duration, message routing, location or geolocation of the terminal device, or similar data processed online for the purpose of transmitting, sharing, or forwarding information.

How Do We Collect Your Personal Data?

The collection of your personal data depends on the Services you use, subscribe to, or purchase, and the information you provide to us in this context or when logging into our provided Services. Providing personal data to PolarHouse is not mandatory, but if you choose not to provide your personal data, we may not be able to offer our services to you.
We collect personal data that:

  • You provide when interacting with us, for example, when you purchase or rent our Services, log into our Services, request brochures, participate in contests, subscribe to our newsletters, or otherwise communicate with us.
  • Is generated during the use of the service, to the extent permitted by law, such as when you use our websites or other Services, such as making phone calls and sending emails.
  • We obtain from other sources, such as from other service providers or publicly available registers, e.g., from the Population Register Centre, postal registers, or customer marketing registers.
What Personal Data Do We Collect About You?

We collect the following types of personal data:

  • Basic Information: Such as your name and contact details, family relationships, spouse's and spouse's contact details.
  • Demographic Information: Such as your date of birth, profession, and native language.
  • Housing Details: Including your type of residence and housing characteristics.
  • Customer-Related Information: Such as information related to your customer relationship, including details about Services, products, and orders, billing information, credit and payment details, marketing permissions and opt-outs, customer communications, and related records, such as contacts with sales, customer service, and/or production.
  • Communication and Service Usage Data: Information generated during the use of communication services and other Services, including transmission data related to phone calls and emails, information about the parties involved in communication, communication timing, location information, and device-related information.
  • Other Usage Data: Information describing the use of the Service, such as data collected during internet and mobile browsing and the use of mobile applications through technologies like cookies and similar technologies.
  • Identification and Registration Data: Information related to customer and user identification and registration, such as user IDs and passwords needed for mobile verification.
  • Other Data Collected with Your Consent: Information that may be collected with your explicit consent and specified more precisely at the time of seeking your consent.
How We Use Your Personal Data?

PolarHouse collects, processes, and uses personal data necessary for conducting our business, providing customer service, and facilitating relevant commercial activities.

The processing of personal data is primarily based on agreements made with us or PolarHouse's legitimate interests in the context of using and providing Services. We may also process personal data for other reasons, such as with consent or as required by law.

PolarHouse processes your personal data for the following purposes:

  • Service Provision: We process personal data to offer and deliver our Services. Providing Services necessitates processing personal data for purposes such as customer or user identification, processing and delivery of orders, invoicing, credit monitoring, debt collection, customer service, and handling complaints. We also process personal data for customer communication, including sending notifications related to our Services and reaching out to customers regarding matters related to our Services.
  • Sales and Marketing: We process and utilize personal data for marketing purposes and for forming marketing target groups within the limits allowed by applicable law. We may process personal data for personalization and targeting, such as making recommendations and displaying targeted content within the Services or our channels (web, social media). To the extent permitted by law, we may use personal data for marketing our own products and services as well as those of our partners, including direct marketing, market research, and customer satisfaction surveys.
  • Development and Analysis: We process personal data internally for the development and management of our business, Services, and related processes. We also process personal data to better understand our customers' needs. We may compile statistics for the purpose of Service improvement or other analytical needs. We may categorize our customers based on billing, usage patterns, the duration of the customer relationship, and external classifications, such as conducting studies on how different user groups utilize our services or how a person's location and age affect the use of our Services.
  • Service Security and Misuse: We may process personal and transmission data to ensure the security of all our Services and communication networks. When necessary, we may also process personal data to detect or prevent misuse and fraud related to our Services.
  • Compliance with Legal Obligations: We process personal data to fulfill obligations based on law, such as accounting and regulatory purposes.
    Other Purposes for Which You Have Given
  • Consent: We may process your personal data for any purposes for which you have provided your consent.
  • In all of the above situations, we process personal and transmission data only to the extent required for the purpose of processing and always consider the privacy protection of our customers.
  • PolarHouse processes your personal data only for the specified purpose. We may combine data collected in connection with different Services to the extent that the data is collected for the same purpose. We never process personal data in a manner that is incompatible with the defined purpose of processing.
How Do We Secure Your Personal Data?

We ensure the security of data, information systems, as well as staff, offices, and technical facilities. We continually work to safeguard our customers' personal data and rights.

When it comes to data security, we consider the risks associated with the processing of personal data in terms of privacy protection and business, available technical capabilities, and various threats in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, and contractual obligations.

Data security and the protection of customer information are of paramount importance to us. We aim to implement appropriate procedures to protect personal data and to prevent and detect unauthorized access to personal data.

To Whom Do We Disclose Your Personal Data?

We may disclose your personal data to:

  1. Companies within the same corporate group as PolarHouse, to the extent permitted by applicable legislation. Our group companies may use your personal data for the purposes defined in this statement, including marketing their products or services to you.
  2. Subcontractors acting on behalf of PolarHouse, who process personal data on our behalf based on the instructions we provide. These third parties are not allowed to use personal data for any other purpose than providing the service agreed upon with us. When using subcontractors, we ensure that processing is carried out in accordance with this Privacy Statement.
  3. Partners processing personal data on our behalf, which may be located within or outside of Finland, the European Union, or the European Economic Area. In such cases, we ensure, in accordance with the required legislation, that your personal data remains protected.
  4. Other service providers offering services to you or committed to providing services to you, e.g., billing.
  5. Other third parties with your consent, which may have been obtained, for example, in connection with a specific service.

We may also disclose your information to:

Regarding Legal Proceedings or as Required by Authorities: In connection with legal proceedings or as required by applicable law or court order in the context of legal proceedings or official processes. Personal data may be disclosed based on a court decision, for example, to a copyright holder or their representative.
We may also disclose information to competent authorities, such as the police or emergency services, to the extent required by legislation, following a pre-defined procedure.
In situations required or permitted by law, such as providing itemized billing information to the subscriber.
In Business Arrangements: In business arrangements, such as mergers, various business transactions, or transfers.
Statistical Data: We may also process statistical data that cannot be associated with you as an individual. Such information may be disclosed to third parties for purposes other than those described in this Privacy Statement.

How Long Do We Retain Your Personal Data?

We retain personal data for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined in this Privacy Statement, unless the law requires otherwise.
We do not retain outdated or unnecessary information. We aim to ensure that personal data and other customer information are up-to-date and accurate.

How Do We Use Cookies? Our website may utilize cookies. Cookies allow us to determine the most popular sections of our website, which pages users visit, and how long they stay. The information collected is used, for example, to provide, develop, and analyze our services, as well as to target marketing within PolarHouse's or its partners' services or networks.
Blocking the storage of cookies can be done by changing your browser settings. In some cases, this may result in slower website browsing or complete access to certain pages being blocked.
We typically use information collected through cookies for the following purposes:

Functional Cookies and Service Provision: Cookies are crucial for the functionality of our website and electronic services, enabling a smooth user experience.

Service Development: By monitoring the use of cookies, we can improve the functionality of our website and electronic services. For instance, we gain insights into the most popular sections of our website, user navigation, referring websites, and the duration of visits.

Analysis: We use cookies to statistically monitor the number of visitors to our website and electronic services and to measure the effectiveness of advertising. For example, we may collect data from marketing emails and newsletters to determine if messages were opened and if they led to actions such as visiting our website.

Targeted Marketing: Cookies enable us to gather information for creating different target groups for advertising or content, tailored to specific browsers.

We may link information obtained through cookies to other information received from the user in other contexts, such as information about the services they use, to the extent permitted by law.
PolarHouse's website may contain links and connections to third-party websites, products, and services, as well as third-party social media plugins, such as Facebook's "like" button. Third-party privacy statements apply to these third-party services and applications accessible on PolarHouse's website. We recommend reviewing the privacy practices of the relevant third party.

What Rights and Choices Do You Have?

You have the right to:

  • Request the correction or deletion of incorrect, unnecessary, incomplete, or outdated personal data.
  • Object to the processing of your personal data if the legal business purposes described in this privacy statement and compliance with the law do not require such processing.
  • Verify whether we process data about you and what data we process, in accordance with applicable law. A request to review your data must be made in person, with a handwritten signature or equivalent verification, or in person at PolarHouse.
  • Object to the publication and disclosure of personal and contact information to directory services.
  • Object to the use of your personal data for direct marketing as well as market and opinion research.
  • Withdraw your consent. In this case, we may not be able to provide our services to you.

If you believe that PolarHouse has acted in violation of this Privacy Statement or applicable law regarding the processing of personal data, you have the right to lodge a complaint.


The controller of personal data is Nordic PolarHouse Oy.